3 Tips to Take Better Picture with a Dual Lens Camera System

Dual Lens system is a thing now (after many failed attempts), thanks to iPhone 7. Interestingly, not every brand uses this system the same way. Android phones take shots in black and white to get more details where iOS focuses on better optical zone.

Speaking of these differences, we are going to discuss some basic tips that will help you put this technology to better use.

3 Tips to Take Better Picture with a Dual Lens Camera System

Select Camera Mode

Android phones Camera are more flexible with special modes. They offer many options with point and shoot. If your device supports Nougat or higher, then you can use monochrome mode that lets you use Black and White lens for sharp, and clear shots.

There are several features including Popout and Multi-view that lets you use both lenses for overlay, and other effects. Even if you don’t need to use them, you still need to get familiar with them.

Change Focus Settings

Android Dual Lens systems are integrated differently as compared to Apple. The camera settings have more options than you will ever care to fool around.  There are many models that lets you access Bokeh mode, and blur background by tapping aperture icon.

Make sure you are in Photo mode, and use it in landscape mode. Once you turn on bokeh mode, you can use the slider to change field depth. Some android phones let you adjust focus after the shot. Dual lens feature robust modes that let you change focus, exposure and other settings.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom is far better with Dual lens system as compared to single ones. You just pressure the zoom, and you get close to the subject. However, getting great shots of the subject is another story.

With optical zoom, you need to stabilize the device to get good shots. You can get a tripod to improve your shots. The issue is very basic, digital zoom is inferior as compared to physical lens for zooming.