3 Laptop Breakthroughs We Hope to See in 2018

Consumer electronics are improving every year, and we saw some major breakthrough in 2017. We hope the trend continuous to break Tech News in 2018. Following are some major changes we hope to see this year.

Wireless Charging

While Wireless Charging has become a staple for smartphones, its time they become more mainstream with laptops. The big brands have been talking about this change in Tech News, but there isn’t any breakthrough so far.

3 Laptop Breakthroughs We Hope to See in 2018

It’s understandable the tech is hard to implement with laptops has almost everyone wants easy access to internal components (unlike smartphones). The basic concept of pad like surface placed on charger to get rid of cords is great, but implementing on laptop is way more challenging than smartphone.

Better Build Quality

This is improvement at the core, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a traditional or convertible, they will be enjoy a better design and overall build quality. Gaming laptops got cheap, but we witnessed components doubling the performance for same price.  Some great examples are 8th Generation of Intel Processor with the new i5,and i7 line.

Another great example is better graphics like Radeon RX Vega M by Radeon, and MX150 graphics powered by Nvidia. Yes, the $600 gaming laptop broke the news thanks to Acer for providing such value at this price range. 2017 we saw LED lights, heavy design elements, and clutter getting sacrificed for better build quality, and a more mature look.

Companies emphasized more on build quality than look, but we did see some great looking devices like the Spectre. We hope this trend carries on in 2018.

Better Battery Life

There have been rumors for the 20 hour laptop. But it’s a bit of challenge now. However, it confirms that the laptop industry is working hard to improve the battery life thanks to more powerful but energy efficient components. This explains why some brands wants to try Qualcomm processors for a change.