4 Advantages of Purchasing a UPS for Your Company’s Data Center

Time is everything, and at work it also means money. Therefore, a UPS is critical for your company Data Servers, bringing many benefits, helping to keep your productivity free of the unexpected caused by the lack or oscillation of energy. Here are 4 advantages of relying on UPS for server (เครื่องสำรองไฟ server, which is the term in Thai) in your company:

Save your data

Spend hours doing a project, not saving and losing everything in a power outage. Have you lived through this nightmare? If so, you also know that energy drops when you least expect it. With a UPS you avoid that scare and never going to redo anything for unexpected power outage.

It gives you autonomy to work

Nothing is as bad for productivity as a whole team, not producing, for lack of energy. With a UPS you can have up hours of battery life, depending on the device model.

Increases the life of your equipment

The energy that reaches us through the electric network is not stable, constantly suffering small oscillations, which are absorbed by the electronics. This, over time, will damage the internal circuits, causing blockages and even the total loss of equipment.

With a UPS, you have a high technology, which promotes precise regulation with ultra-fast response in the correction of the disturbances of the electrical network, avoiding the problems arising from the oscillations.

Protects against network surges

The power outage threatens your work when shutdowns occur causing data loss. And when coming back, often the energy comes with a voltage much greater than that of the network, not being supported by your equipment and causing the circuits to burn. At that point, it is crucial to have an uninterruptible power supply to absorb the impact and save the day.

So, today choose the best model for your field of activity.