4 Tips to Use Android Like a Pro

What’s the best thing about Android phones? You can customize them however you like, and improve their performance. You can even change the look and feel of interface with third party apps. Following, we are giving you some android tips you should try and see new features you didn’t know existed.

Restrict Notifications

Smartphones help you stay connected and reachable, they don’t bound you to become their slave. So take your time off with the snooze notifications option (introduced in Android 8.0./Oreo). You can change the notification setting from 15 minute to 2 hour later. The notification dots appear on app.

4 Tips to Use Android Like a Pro

This lets you check the notifications and assure you didn’t missed anything. The Do Not Disturb features blocks all notifications, but lets the important ones through (Call, Message, etc)

Get Rid of the Bloatware

Pre-installed apps are annoying, but you can’t get rid of them without rooting your device first. However, you can disable them. This way, you won’t be bothered with unnecessary notifications.

Track Your Use

A good way to keep your cellphone bill under check is tracking your data usage. You can access the track data option in settings under Wireless and networks section. Turn off background data, and use Wifi whenever possible.

Do you use too much data? Good news, your phone is using more in the background. So get to data settings, and search for the worst offenders. If you have loaded your phone with too much stuff, then get rid of some third party apps. This will definitely help.

Default Apps

You noticed whenever you click a link or open a snap on a new Android smartphone, you have to choose between the apps you would use. If you pressed “always” by mistake, don’t worry you can change it. Set and clear default apps in settings under application settings.