Norman Keith White – A Brooklyn-Based Intellectual Property & Copyright Lawyer

If you’re going through a tough time and need a reliable and professional legal assistance or representation, look no further than Norman Keith White, a highly-experienced, fully certified Attorney in Brooklyn. During the course of serving as an attorney, Keith White has served thousands of clients across the globe and is very committed to offering affordable and effective legal assistance to anyone in need of legal counseling and representation. He has earned a very positive reputation over the last several years. He can be often seen being covered by both local and international media outlets. He got a big media coverage from the following cases: A Wrongfully Arrested Teenager, A Stripper Rape Case, and Mr. Rubenstein Case.

Keith White has an extensive experience offering the legal assistance in the following areas: criminal and civil law, entertainment, and business law. He employs a very unique approach to defend his clients in the court with greatest professionalism and precision. This is why the majority of people availing his legal assistance services are saying positive and great things about him. He’s always open to listen to people’s needs and concern, and never gets tired of answering their questions.

When it comes to his appearance on media, Norman Keith White has been featured on world’s most prestigious news outlets with the following headlines: ‘’Keith White With Co-Counsel, Kenneth J. Montgomery’’, ‘’Keith White, Honored By The Barclay’s Center For Black History Month’’, ‘’Brooklyn Man Wrongly Arrested For Beating Pregnant Woman, Killing Her Unborn Child Files Suit Claiming Sloppy Police Work’’, ‘’ Keith White, Defending The Privacy Rights Of His Client Suing Sanford Rubenstein’’ and more. Keith always feels very proud in supporting causes aimed at improving the condition of under-privileged people who’ve been living a very miserable for ages. He always seems to be ready to raise voice and stand by them.

Keith White started his career as a teacher at Boys and Girls HS while attending law school, and then served as a prosecutor in The Kings County District Attorney Office. After he left the District Attorney Office, he began his private practice, and worked as an independent counsel for A.R. Bernard, a city leader and Brooklyn pastor. He has also worked with HPD, NYCHA, and HUD to build and develop an affordable housing scheme for disadvantaged members of New York City and Brooklyn community. He has also served as a co-chair of the Board of Girls Education Mentoring Services (GEMS), a platform that offers comprehensive and continuous services to tackle the needs of sexually and commercially exploited young women and girls in Brooklyn and all around the United Sates. Apart from serving for GEMS, Keith White has also remained in the Board of KAVI, a non-profit organization widely known for violence reduction and offering services to underserved people in New York.

Norman Keith White is also a board member of ‘’The BKLYN COMBINE,’’ a grassroots NPO that works with schools in underserved communities all over the world to provide life skills, coding, mentoring, and restorative justice programming. Recently, he has started off a journey to brush up on his skills, improve his knowledge and strengthen his ability to help others. As a candidate for a doctorate in organization change and leadership at the University of Southern California, Keith white is studying, researching, and finding new ways to help under-privileged and underserved communities throughout world. Here’s what he strongly believes in ‘’Poverty does not have to exist, drug addiction should not be a crime, mental health challenges should not be punished and greed should not be rewarded.’’

Keith is very hopeful for equity, sustainability, fairness and love in our society. He always adopts a client-centric approach to provide his clients with their desired results. Whether he is negotiating a contract, establishing a business or litigating a civil or criminal matter, Norman Keith White is always committed to offering professional legal assistance service and delivering client satisfaction.

Keith is a very a professional and friendly attorney with years of experience serving clienteles throughout the United States. If you’re on the lookout for a professional lawyer that is friendly and always open to listen to your queries, you should consider contacting Norman Keith White to get a professional representation in the court and stay on the safe side. He is always more than ready to offer his legal counseling and representation services. So you shouldn’t feel any hesitation in contacting him to discuss your situation.

Norman Keith White is known for its unique, friendly style that he adopts to represent you in the court. From fighting for civil rights to protecting copyrights, he does it all. Born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, Keith White belongs to an incredibility under-privileged and under-served community. Since he has been to financially tough situations, he understands exactly how it feels to live in an under-privileged community. This is why he is very committed to working for human equality and rights. He is also very active in supporting charitable causes.

If you need any type of legal assistance in and around Brooklyn or New York, you should consider consulting Norman Keith White to get the best piece of advice and know all your available options. People who’ve already worked with Keith seem to be very satisfied with his services and they feel no hesitation in recommending his name to anyone in search of a reliable and certified attorney. He has been serving communities throughout the United States for decades and is intimately familiar with all the complexities associated with the legal matters. You can hire him for anything related to Business Law, Criminal and Civil Law, Intellectual Property, and more. You can visit his official website or approach him using his social profiles such as Twitter or Instagram.

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