Will an AI Robot Take Your Job?

Since the fame of Artificial Intelligence, it is a misconception that it will take human jobs, making them unemployed. Pessimistic people always view the downside of AI. On the other hand, optimistic humans focus on its advantages and find new ways to generate more from it. AI does not take jobs; it replaces a part of a job. 

Moreover, if it replaces some jobs, it also creates new jobs that are more in number than those that have been replaced. So accept it or not, AI is not harmful to humans. It benefits humanity in thousands of ways. 


Will AI Robots Take Your Job?

Robots usually exist physically and are bound to do what they are built for. But AI Robots are different. They do not have a body. They exist on your computer only. AI robots figure out the problem and then give you suggestions based on the data, previous searches, and theories recorded in them. Isn’t it exciting? Such a technology saves human beings from the hassle of brainstorming tasks. It will usually take a part of your job, or if it replaces the whole job, the output is enormous and needs people to handle it. 

Examples of AI Robots

Let’s start with the basic Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. These are AI tools that are helping millions of people. Some of the famous categories of AI robots are social media monitoring, self-driving cars, manufacturing robots, disease mapping tools, virtual agents for travel booking, and smart assistants. 

Another AI robot tool is AI Studio. It is a text-to-video editor tool that lets you create amazing videos automatically. All you have to do is select the project type, AI model, and video template. Then write the script you want this AI tool to narrate, and you are done. How convenient it is!