Nomad Oasis is the world’s first internet safety system for individuals and families

In a significant leap, Nomad Oasis proudly announced the launch of advanced internet management services designed to cater to the needs of SME owners, remote workers, and frequent travelers. As a groundbreaking platform in network device management, Nomad Oasis offers intuitive features that facilitate easy connections, pause capabilities, and comprehensive device management.

Nomad Oasis

Founded on the principle of ‘internet freedom,’ Nomad Oasis simplifies the complexity of internet connectivity that users face daily. With innovative solutions to common problems like slow modem activations, intricate configurations, and security concerns, Nomad Oasis is redefining digital interactions by putting control back into the hands of the users.


  • Nomad Explorer- provides location access to all existing cell towers, RV Parks, Campgrounds, and more. You can also track your modem, view modem location history, and even pause it.
  • Nomad Shield- provides safe search and protection against Phishing, malware & other threats protection. Blocks access to domains containing harmful information. Prevents your network from accessing websites with viruses, malware, etc.
  • Nomad Transparency- provides 66 web filtering categories. Filter content across 66 categories like pornography, gambling, and more with our AI-powered database of over 104 million websites.

Nomad Oasis’s suite of features is meticulously designed to address specific needs:

Nomad Location

Pause/Restart Subscription: Allows users to instantly pause or restart their internet service with a single click, offering flexibility and control over network usage.

Multitenancy: Facilitates management across multiple locations, ideal for businesses like hotels that require centralized control of various branches.

Dashboard Sharing: Enables secure sharing of dashboard access without compromising login credentials, ideal for addressing technical issues through a trusted third party.

Auto-Pause Billing: Ensures billing is only applied on days the internet is actively used, which can be customized based on time, data usage, or cost.

Real-Time Modem Location and Geofencing: Provides added security by allowing users to track their modem’s location in real-time and set geographic boundaries.

Referral Rewards: Encourages current users to refer new customers by offering credits for each successful referral.

Marketplace: Offers a direct platform for purchasing modems and related products, simplifying the acquisition process.

Nomad Data Usage

Services That Bring Communities Together

Nomad Oasis has launched three groundbreaking services: Nomad Explorer, Nomad Shield, and Nomad Transparency, each designed to optimize internet connectivity and user safety.

Nomad Explorer enhances mobile connectivity by linking users to an expansive network of cell towers, including specialized access points at RV parks and campgrounds. This service also allows for comprehensive modem management, including tracking capabilities, viewing location history, and the option to temporarily pause the service, giving users complete control over their connectivity.

Nomad Shield provides essential online protection by safeguarding users against phishing, malware, and other cyber threats. It effectively blocks potentially harmful sites and secures the network by filtering unwanted content, which is particularly advantageous for families and educational environments.

Nomad Transparency offers an advanced content filtering tool that categorizes and blocks unwanted content across 66 different areas, utilizing an AI-driven database of over 104 million websites. This service is crucial for maintaining safe and appropriate internet usage and supporting parental controls and organizational content policies.

A Community for the Masses

With Nomad Oasis, Nomad Internet aims to build a dynamic community hub that transcends traditional Internet service functionalities. “Our platform is designed to be a cornerstone for community interaction, where users can exchange ideas, seek help, and collaborate on solutions,” explained a company representative. Nomad Oasis fosters active community participation, allowing users to contribute to forums, earn rewards, and assist fellow nomads. The company is on a mission to bridge the digital divide and make the Internet accessible to people everywhere, even in the most remote areas of the United States.

“Nomad Oasis is set to be more than a service; it’s a community hub—a gift to those who rely on us, and a space where contributors can earn services by helping others stay connected. Nomad Oasis is our innovation, our unique platform—it’s what will differentiate us from every other ISP in the world. It’s not just our future; it’s the future of connectivity,” added a company’s key spokesperson.

Future Plans and Upcoming Tools

Looking to the future, Nomad Oasis is set to expand its service capabilities by integrating additional ISPs and supporting a wider range of SIM cards. Plans are also underway to introduce mass updates for changing passwords or updating firmware across all modems in a single location, along with enhanced features like Blocking and Filtering to restrict access to specified services.

In the words of one of the company’s officials, “Nomad Oasis will stand as the face of Nomad, streamlining how our customers order, activate, manage, and even interact. We’re launching with both web and mobile versions, and excitingly, it will be complimentary for all Nomad customers. Our vision extends to features like offering free or paid WiFi in travel spots, an exclusive store, and personalized user control over modems.”

Keeping in line with their future plans, the company is currently preparing to unveil the all-new Nomad Stack mobile app, which will reportedly be packed with many new features to enhance the user experience. This feature-rich application promises to offer a suite of innovative functionalities enabling users to find the nearest tower and enjoy even faster internet connectivity.

Nomad Stack will empower users with advanced modem management features, including remote control, data sharing capabilities, and robust parental controls. Data usage analysis will be significantly enhanced, offering users detailed breakdowns, insightful forecasts, and the ability to set customizable usage limits. Subscription management will be streamlined, allowing for effortless plan changes, renewal tracking, and access to bundled discounts.

The app will also seamlessly integrate with wearables, voice assistants, and augmented reality, creating novel ways to interact with users’ modems. Personalized offers, predictive maintenance features, and AI-powered recommendations will further improve the app’s usability. With the introduction of biometric authentication, two-factor authentication (2FA), and more stringent data protection regulations, security will also be given top priority.

Future enhancements will include real-time tower visibility, improved internet speeds, comprehensive geo-fencing, and customizable content blocking, further extending the capabilities of the platform.

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