5 Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain by Studying Online Course

The pandemic brought to the student’s daily routine the need to adapt their studies to the online environment. With this, Israel Figa has started some online courses. Loved or hated, the novelty brought a new annoying problem: pain. Whether in the back, lower back, shoulders or hands, these tensions appear after many hours sitting in front of the computer watching classes or at work. These pains are known as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMD). In some cases, pain can become a medical problem.

Some students break their head about how to study when they need preparing for the exam with back pain. The traditional method of attending class and making the giant list of exercises cause more difficulties. Due to back pain, one may end up forgetting the content or getting lost because he/she couldn’t keep up with the rhythm.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain by Studying Online Course

To overcome the challenge of back pain, be motivated and choose an approach different from traditional one.

But calm down, because all is not lost! Let’s see what tips and suggestions are for simple attitudes that can be incorporated into everyday life. Goodbye pain!

  1. Posture!

When studying online course at Israel Figa, one needs to sit against screen for hours. It is important to maintain an upright posture in the chair. For this, it is recommended to keep the computer screen at eye level, so that you do not need to bend or raise your head. The spine must be fully supported on the back of the chair to favor the natural position in S. The feet must be supported on the floor; if not possible, a footrest may be the solution. Finally, the keyboard must be positioned in a way that it is aligned with the elbows.

  1. Move

When spending a lot of time in the same position, it is necessary to get up and stretch a little, at least, every 30 minutes. This attitude helps to avoid muscle pain and also benefits vision, which can be impaired by looking at a screen for a long time. If only to go to the window or the kitchen: the important thing is to move.

  1. Stretches

Before and after prolonged periods in front of the computer, it is recommended to do some simple stretching exercises that will help the body to stay away from pain. The teacher indicates three simple options to do: the position of the cat, the mermaid and the spine stretch.

  1. Invest in your space

Just as we spend almost a third of the day in our beds, the modern world imposes many hours of sitting. For this reason, it is essential to have a healthy space. A chair with an ergonomic model, comfortable and, preferably, with armrests is the best option. A table of adequate height will also make a big difference in everyday life.

  1. Seek a doctor

In case of persistent pain and discomfort, see an orthopedist. The specialist will indicate a suitable solution for each situation.