The Major Tech Trends that will Define 2018

We are entering the second quarter of 2018, and its time we discuss the tech breakthroughs we hope to see this year. Following, we are giving our Reviews on the potential tech trends that will define 2018.

Blockchain Tech will Improve, but ICO will take a Step back

Some smart contracts took off in 2017. Initial Coin Offerings or ICO made history with 28 ICOs raised around $3.6 billion. We hope the number will grow this year but the government and regulartops ned to understand how blockchain works, and regulate this infant industry.

The Major Tech Trends that will Define 2018

It seems 2018 will see the first Blockchain application being used by both consumer and organization. Blockchain needs to become mainstream but we are years away from that. We will see new applications being developed and launched with the tech maturing. There are now 7 different crypto currencies worth your money, they will boom in price which will lead to another tulip mania.

A Solution to Privacy Invasion

Recent years have been tough for consumers thanks to the major surprises about how far the government goes to keep an eye on us, and basically learning our data is out therefore for the highest bidder.

We certainly hope there are some reforms in 2010 as we can’t live without being connected to the internet. With what the Security Reviews show, the more data we create, the more security breaches there will be.

Smart Devices are insecure and more customers are losing their faith in device security. With agencies and government taking no action, the industry is making some reforms.  There are rumors Blockchain tech developing Zero Knowledge Proof which proves ownership of specific inform without revealing the content.

It enables transaction that protects user info with a verification process that lets one party prove their statement is true without revealing anything. We hope it makes our info and data private again.