4 Tips to Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Smartphone keep getting better, except for their battery. If you have an issue with your battery’s short-life, then maybe the issue is on your end. Yes, Android phones tend to consume battery even when not in use.

To help you better understand this, and keep it under control, we are giving you a few vital points below. Make sure you follow these tips!

4 Tips to Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Black Wallpaper

If your Android device has AMOLED display, then you better use a dark colored theme. Black themes increase battery life as AMOLED display only illuminated color pixels. Black pixels don’t lit so it saves battery. You can download black wallpaper from anywhere, no need to fuss about it.


Doze Mode was first introduced with Android 6.0. It has been improved ever-since, and you can use it while moving around. The only issue is, make sure your screen is off.

Doze mode shuts down everything you are not using if its bee a while since you last touch the device. Network connect is severed, and syncs with internals. When you are away, it stops GPS, and Wifi scanning to save more battery.

Google Hotwords

Prevent your phone from always listening in. Google voice searching is great, but it ruins your battery especially if you don’t use it. Therefore go to Google Settings in App drawer and tap Voice Heading, Select Google detection. Now un-tick all options in this section to save your battery.

Update Apps

You don’t want to update apps every time, we get it. But you have to keep them updated from time to time. It optimizes them and makes them use less juice. Delete old apps you don’t use as they keep running behind in the background and use your device’s resources.

Make sure your Android version and apps are up to date. Go to settings, and  tab Battery.