3 Tips to De-clutter Your iPhone

3 Tips to De-clutter Your iPhone

Do you order your apps based on how often they are used? If your iPhone home screen is cluttered with apps, and you can’t find your way across it, then its time you clean things up. Following, we are giving you 3 quick tips to clean your phone, and make it easy to use.

Keep Apps in Folder

Most of us don’t use apps that others can wait to get their hands on. Therefore, it’s better to put them in one folder and lock them away. With newer versions of android, folder management has become very easy.

3 Tips to De-clutter Your iPhone

People believe that folders make it hard to find apps. In case you can’t find the app or folder, just swipe down and type the name of app you want to open. Delete the apps you don’t use, or at least didn’t used in last 6 months.

Easy to Reach

If you want to adapt large phone screens, you need to arrange frequent used apps on how you reach them with your thumb. If you want all apps in one scree, then make your home screen a combination of folders, and icons.

Put less frequently apps in one folder, and put it somewhere hard to reach. Organize folders by their app type, use, or theme. For example, music, games, snaps etc. Experiment by moving things around and see how they work for you.

Migrate Apps

You need to see how frequently you use some apps. If you tap an app regularly, you better move it to the home screen of your iPhone. Promote apps that you use from far back in menu right to the home page. You don’t need to schedule anything, just observe and learn.

Rearrange items from time to time, soon you will see you only need 10-20 apps for your daily use.