How to Avoid Getting Addicted to Your New “iPhone”?

Good thing you are not addicted to your smartphone. It seems that this is the new “cool trend” since the start of 2010’s. Well, we are reaching 2020’s and it seems like this addiction has really settled into our society. Chances are, you probably know (and annoyed by) someone who doesn’t take his eyes off the screen.

How do you deal with those people? Well, if they are willing to listen, let them know they are really addicted to their pocket device and they need to break free. The following guide will make sure they do.

How to Avoid Getting Addicted to Your New “iPhone”

The Old Fashion Way

If you believe quitting smoking is hard, wait till you see someone who is addicted to their smartphone. Most of us use smartphones, but we don’t want to be tied to them.  If you feel you are getting addicted to your cell, then you better practice the following tips:

  • Unfollow people on social networks, especially the ones that aren’t your friend in real life. This de-clutters your newsfeed and timeline
  • Turn off all notifications (except for call and message)
  • Put as basket on your cellphone while eating a meal. Make your table a no phone zone
  • Before you go to bed, you better cover the phone screen which a sticky note, this will remind you to exercise or enjoy breakfast before checking your phone

Use Apps

If you can’t beat your addiction in the old fashioned way, you can use apps. Fortunately, iPhone has a plethora of apps that curtails your use,

Moment: This is available for free. It does much more than just tracking your usage, it puts daily limits by notifying you when you exceed the allotted time. There is even an option that “shoo” you off from your phone. It does so by flooding the screen with tons of bells and whistles.