4 Tips to Invest in A New Mobile Phone

4 Tips to Invest in A New Mobile Phone

Do you want to buy a new smartphone? With the continuous additions of Mobiles, you may be tempted to change your daily driver. In case you really want to, you should upgrade to a better device.

However, a better device doesn’t mean something with gloss or glass all over it. You need something functional that serve your needs.

Don’t Be Pretentious: Here is the secret, everyone has a dream mobile (just like car, house etc). But, it doesn’t have to be a flagship model (something that costs $850+). 2017 saw some noticeable changes, dual lenses and bigger screens weren’t the only revolutions.

4 Tips to Invest in A New Mobile Phone

2017 saw cheaper mobiles getting better. There are many examples of great Mobiles that cost you less than $300. You can get a good camera, 4GB ram, quad core processor and solid built within this range.

Forget Camera Pixels: Camera Pixels were a big thing a few years ago. But today camera Pixels doesn’t define picture quality. While a camera is an important feature, don’t let the number of pixels carry you away. Instead of pixels, look for aperture because lower number is better.

If you want to really stand out, look for a dual lens system, and optical image stabilization.

10 Hour Battery: Never setting for a phone that only survives 10 hours of battery life. Smartphone hardware is getting energy efficient, while companies are making even bigger batteries. Therefore you should adjust with something that will last for only 10 hours. If you want a comfortable experience, look for 24 hour battery capacity.

32GB Storage: With regular updates, anything less than 32GB is a rip-off. 32GB is the new budget storage. If you want your cellphone to have an active role in your digital life, then you better get something with at least this storage capacity, and SD Card support.