My Frustrating Garage Door Problem And How I Fixed It

My garage door has been acting up for a few weeks now by not closing all the way down. It would stop a few inches from the ground and I’d have to manually push it the rest of the way closed. As a busy dad of two, this was becoming a real nuisance. I didn’t have time to call a Garage Door Repair in Suffolk since the issue seemed minor. I decided to do some investigating and troubleshooting on my own before resorting to hiring a professional. Here’s how I fixed the problem.

The first thing I did was inspect the garage door tracks. I wanted to see if there were any obstructions preventing the door from running smoothly. Sure enough, when I looked closely I noticed some small pebbles and debris cluttering up the tracks. I used a rag to wipe everything out, which was an easy first fix. Unfortunately, this didn’t solve the closing issue.

Next, I examined the springs that help lift the garage door. One of the springs looked a bit loose and frayed. I figured this might be causing the door to not get sufficient lift at the top to clear the ground on the way down. The springs can weaken over time with regular use. Replacing the spring was a more involved fix but something I was willing to attempt myself with online instructions.

I watched some YouTube videos to learn how garage door springs work and the process for replacement. It seemed more complicated than I imagined but doable with patience. I gathered the necessary tools like a winding bar and gloves for safety. Removing the old spring was tricky as it was under tension. I took my time and finally got it off. Installing the new spring went smoother following the video steps. With that done, I was ready to test if it solved the problem.

To my relief and satisfaction, the garage door now closed fully with the new spring installed! All that effort was worthwhile to avoid a repair bill. The door glides smoothly up and down the tracks once again. Having basic mechanical skills and a willingness to learn came in handy for this project. I’m glad I tackled the issue myself rather than calling a technician right away. Sometimes a minor DIY fix is all that’s needed to resolve an annoying garage door problem.

Overall, taking the time to properly inspect, troubleshoot, and replace that worn out spring was well worth it for me. I saved money fixing it myself and gained skills in the process. For minor repairs like this, it’s worth trying a do-it-yourself approach before hiring a garage door company. Just be sure to work safely and know your limits. Safety should always be the top priority on any home project. I hope sharing my experience helps others with similar garage door troubles.