Top 5 Most Common Garage Door Problems and Fixes

Whether you reside in Virginia Beach or elsewhere, garage doors experience wear and tear over time leading to issues. As inconvenient as breakdowns are, many problems stem from regular use rather than major faults. With some basic DIY skills or calling the experts at Garage Door Repair Virginia Beach, you can address concerns before bigger repairs become necessary.

Warped or bent tracks

The tracks that guide your door’s rollers are subjected to constant movement. Normal operation causes these metal tracks to warp or bend slightly out of alignment over the years. To check for this, open your garage door halfway and peer down from the top. Kinks or dips are telltale signs. Re-aligning tracks yourself may be possible, but calling experts is recommended for safety.

Loose, noisy or damaged rollers

Prolonged use also deteriorates garage door rollers. Listen for squeaking, grinding noises, or uneven movement as a roller spins. Loose fasteners should be tightened, but completely damaged rollers need replacement. For rollers that are difficult to remove, it’s best to contact professionals for help. Roller issues are common, so addressing them prevents later complications.

Broken springs

Garage door springs aren’t a “if” but “when” type of problem. Torsion springs in particular are under immense tension and quite dangerous to fix yourself if they snap. Warning signs include difficult operation, gaps around the door, or noises that progressively worsen. Call a pro right away for spring inspections and replacements done securely to avoid harm.

Broken cables

Extension springs mounted along each side of the door also weaken over time, as do the cable systems attached. Listen for stretching sounds when opening/closing as a red flag. Cables that fray or pull out require garage door repair technicians for evaluation and replacement using proper equipment and protection.

Damaged panels or panels unseating

Weather damage, impacts from vehicle doors, or stress cracks are the usual culprits behind broken or misaligned garage door panels. Realigning a single panel on larger doors remains DIY-able if done carefully, though warped panels may need replacement. Professionals can also correct more extensive panel issues in less time.

With regular inspection and prompt attention to developing problems, homeowners can prevent large garage door repairs requiring complex systems replacement down the line. It’s always recommended consulting experts like Garage Door Repair Virginia Beach for safety and securing warranties on professional work. Small signs of wear addressed today save money and aggravation tomorrow!